Automation & Devops Services

Server Provisioning

By establishing automated cloud provisioning you will increase the speed of projects by improving operational efficiency. Automated cloud provisioning is exponentially quicker than traditional methods, and the ability to provision a server in minutes rather than days means that you can get things done that much faster. By reducing the need for manual intervention you can ensure that all of your critical systems never experience resource shortages, with the agile nature of cloud, provisioning and de-provisioning on demand is simple. This means that you always have the capacity to meet requirements.

Configuration Management

Sometimes things go wrong, and when that happens you need to be able to put things right. All too often businesses have only one or two people who understand the current configurations, meaning getting things running can be impossible without them. A good configuration management system ensures that the build state of your systems is known and trusted, meaning you don't need to rely on one or two people. With good configuration managements you will reap many benefits, including increased efficiency, better stability and easier troubleshooting. And if things do go wrong you will have faster restoration of service than ever before!

Application Deployment

New and improved applications will help your business run more efficiently. They will increase your productivity, reduce your costs, and give your business massive advantages over the competition. However, deploying new applications can be an expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes even risky venture. You may have to deal with loss of service while new applications are deployed and if something goes wrong that loss of service can last far longer than it should. However, with our expertise we can make application deployment a smooth, streamlined procedure, meaning you can have the most up to date applications for your business with none of the inconvenience of less than brilliant deployment.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery will improve your software delivery by enabling you to release more stable builds more regularly. Automated processes will help to eliminate errors, enabling for low risk releases and will also help you to gain feedback that much faster. Automated testing and deployments mean that you can rapidly and reliably push out product enhancements and fixes to your customers at lower cost and risk than ever before. With Continuous Delivery principles you will push out better updates more regularly at lower costs than ever before.

Continous Delivery

Security Compliance

Security is an incredibly important part of any business. That's why we help to make sure that all of your software is entirely security compliant. By ensuring that all software is entirely security compliant we can help reduce risks in all areas of your business, and improve your productivity at the same time! Security doesn't have to be something that slows your business down anymore, we can ensure full Security Compliance while still maximizing efficiency! We will ensure that you meet all key compliance mandates, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Security compliance


With effective orchestration techniques we can help you to streamline your business by automating how various systems, applications and servers work together. With clustered applications, multiple data centres, public, private and hybrid Clouds, as well as applications with complicated dependencies, orchestration can be a complicated and time consuming procedure. However we use professional tools that will help you orchestrate your systems easily, meaning that you can deal with your complex tasks much more simply.